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Pureland Beauty is all about the purity of our products and of the ingredients we use. Harmony Cleansing Dew combines the natural power of 8 herbs to provide your scalp and hair with the best nutrition.

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 RECOMMENDED BY MANY BEAUTY BLOGGERS - Check out the personal experience of beauty experts with Pureland and see the effect it had on their hair!!
 STRENGTHENING AND MOISTURIZING YOUR SCALP AND HAIR - 100% Natural Herbs help relieve dry and itchy scalps and moisturize your hair - Spearmint and Orange Oil support healthy hair growth
 DETANGLING EFFECT - Spearmint, Orange and Olive Oil make your hair shiny and smooth
 100% PLANT-BASED AND CRUELTY FREE - All 7 herbal ingredients are vegan, free of chemical impurities, no animal testing!
 SULFATE, PARABEN AND CHEMICAL FREE- This formula is completely paraben and sulfate free. This is a truly 100% all natural hair cleansing product!

8.5 oz

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Pureland  Balance Cleansing Dew

Pureland - Balance Cleansing Dew

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