Abril et Nature - Advanced Styling

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Advanced Styling


Styling Line from abril et nature is characterized by the flexible continuous film technology. Products which provide a durable hold, even in wet environments, and with re-styling benefits. They don’t produce residues, and the fixative film doesn’t broke to flakes, therefore, damages on hair fibre are avoided.


Styling Creams

continuous, flexible and not brittle film

shine effect on hair

high humidity resistance

long lasting hairstyle hold

Range of products with a broad spectrum, ideal to create the desired hairstyle during the blow drying and to give shape to short hair.

Four available families: hair styling gels, fixative and conditioning cream and mousses, a modelling paste and colour hair gels to gradually provide colour coverage to grey hair.


Technical Mousse

high humidity resistance: durable hairstyle hold

anti-frizz effect, even in high wet environments

thermal protection

repairing and conditioning benefits: smooth and conditioned feel to hair.

Technical Mousses from abril et nature offer the most advanced styling technology in the market.

They form a continuous film on the hair surface, without subsequent breaking, avoiding flaking and residues.

They are also provided by thermal protection benefits, allowing the use of flattering irons and blow dryers, without damaging effects on hair.

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