Abril et Nature - Anti-Dandruff Treatment

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Trichology treatments with the latest advances on biological active ingredients and hair technology.

Treatments for the five most usual disorders in the scalp: Alopecia, sebum, dandruff, sensitive scalp, weak hair, and lack of volume.

Anti-dandruff Treatment has been formulated to treat scalp with Dandruff.

  • Inhibits excessive fungi proliferation
  • With vegetable extracts, naturally obtained
  • Combination of active ingredients with anti-bacterial and fungicidal action, that inhibits the fungi proliferation.

Anti-dandruff Treatment

Effective treatment for all types of dandruff

Provides scalp cleansing and a purifying action

Restores natural moisture to scalp and hair.

Products included in Dandruff line from abril et nature are based on complete formulas which treat the cause of dandruff, preventing the biological processes that cause it, and reducing itch on scalp.

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