Abril et Nature - COLOR SHAMPOO

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Color Treatment

Colour treatments from abril et nature, protect natural colour as well as dyed colour, avoiding the release of pigment particles and the deterioration of hair cortex structure.

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With emollient oils which provides the hair with mechanical protections and UV filters in order to avoid the hair colour loss.

treatments containing UV filters to avoid damages caused by sun exposure with a micro-suspension of emollient oils in order to increase the colour intensity and shine with active ingredients, hair fibre protectors, to keep a healthy hair, with ability to hold colour particles

Increases the hair fibre flexibility, and helps the subsequent line up and discipline technical treatment.

This is an excellent product for hair with tendency to get frizzy, to make easier the subsequent temporarily straightening and discipline treatments.

Bain Shampoo Corrective is prior treatment to prepare hair fibres to apply the final Sprays. Wash hair with Bain Shampoo Corrective, as usual. Leave it to act for some minutes and rinse. Sizes: 250 ml.

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Abril et Nature  COLOR MASK

Abril et Nature - COLOR MASK

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