Abril et Nature - ENERGIC MASK

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Treatment with positive charges which neutralises the negative charges of the damaged and frizzy hair.

Keratin micro-particles of various sizes, a part of them little enough to penetrate through the cuticle, to restore the internal damages in the cortex, and other a part of them, large enough to remain deposited on the cuticle surface, restoring external damages.
Designed for normal fibre hair o thick fibre hair.

Instant Mask

An energy source for hair, which deeply nourishes and repairs hair fibers, leaving hair with a healthy, silky feel.

Keratin-bearing treatment providing positively-charged ions. Special treatment for damaged hair and extensions.

Apply after using Energic Shampoo. Massage hair lightly for best results. Rinse well with water.


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Abril et Nature - ENERGIC SHAMPOO

Abril et Nature - ENERGIC SHAMPOO

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