Abril et Nature - GREASY HAIR TREATMENT- Lotion

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It provides natural sebum regulating properties, providing the appropriate lipids balance on scalp and hair.

It treats each and every cause of seborrhea.

Mild formulas which avoid the rebound effect.


In the stage of developing all its products, abril et nature has a main objective: to pro[1]vide to the professional hairdressing sector with the most advanced cosmetic products for hair care. To achieve this goal, abril et na[1]ture makes a continuous research work to make accessible to the professionals the la[1]test technologies and the actives ingredients of the highest efficiency and quality

Greasy Hair Treatment has been formulated to treat sebaceous hypersecretion.

  • Inhibits the enzyme 5alfa-reductase avoiding its action on the sebaceous glands.
  • Regulates sebaceous production.
  • Purifies the scalp, improving its health .
  • With vegetable extracts, naturally obtained.

greasy hair treatment

gentle cleaner ingredients, which avoid totally lipid stripping from scalp, causing no rebound effect

exclusive active ingredients which acts as a 5-α reductase inhibitors, one of the causes of excessive sebaceous gland activity

it contains a blend of sulfur-containing amino acids and type B vitamins which regularises the sebaceous gland activity

it absorbs excess sebum from the scalp, as well as, impurities that can obstruct the hair follicles

scalp becomes clean and healtly

It combines all the products and active ingredients in a synergy that solves the main causes of greasy hair problems, such as an excessive activity of the enzyme 5α-reductase and an excessive production of fat in the sebaceous glands.

It acts as an inhibitor of the 5α-reductase enzyme
It provides a natural seborgulatory action, ensuring a good lipid balance on the scalp and hair Provides hygienizing and antiseptic action on the scalp
Method of Use:
Last step of Greasy Hair treatment.

Apply directly to the dry scalp once a day, until you see that the problem has diminished.
Subsequently, apply once a week for maintenance. Do not rinse.

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