Abril et Nature - NATURE-PLEX MOUSSE

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Nature-Plex Treatment from abril et nature is the first treatment designed to prepare, protect and repair your hair from aggressive technical work.

nature-plex treatment

nourishes, repairs and moisturizes hair damaged by chemical engineering work

regeneration of disulfide bridges broken by external aggression

with powerful assets such as stem cells, hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, etc.



Nature-Plex repairing and conditioning mousse. It protects the hair in chemical technical works, reducing the damage that these produce to the hair fiber. Incorporated in the mixtures, it will reduce the level of damage received.
Its subsequent application as a mask, will repair the hair recovering structure and nutrients.

With the Nature-Plex Mousse, the R & D & I department of abril et nature has taken the development of a High Capillary Cosmetics product to the limit, creating our product with more assets in the market.Mousse Nature-Plex contains, in addition to many top-level assets that give the product the basis of its effectiveness and appearance, the following ingredients:Cysteine ​​Bond Complex: Repair compound for hair disulfide bridges, hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds. It acts at the molecular level inside the keratin chain. Penetrates inside the cortex reconstructing all broken links.Rosehip Oil: Contributes to the regeneration of keratin fiber.Shea Butter: Natural grease that protects hair from damage during washing, styling, and chemical work.Stem Cells: Antioxidant and regenerative of the original protein structure of the hair.Hyaluronic Acid: Recovers natural hydration in all layers of the hair fiber, making it again have its natural flexibility and elasticity, thus increasing its resistance to the break.Caviar extract: Active rich in nourishing and moisturizing substances that also repair the hair structure. The hair regains hydration, elasticity and softness. It helps delay hair aging thanks to the vitamins A, D, E and B12 that it incorporates.Cuticle sealant oil: Sealing cuticle scales provide an extra touch of shine and softness.

Apply to damp hair after two applications of the Nature-Plex shampoo. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Mix with the product to be applied to the hair (dye, discoloration, straightening or permantent) according to the proportions: with 5ml dye. for every 60ml. of dye; with 10ml discoloration. for every 60ml. of discoloration; in permanent: 5 to 10 ml. per 100ml of product; in Brazilian straightening or similar: 10 ml. per 100ml of straightening.

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