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Hair Bleaching Powder from Abril et Nature. Compact powder hair bleaching powders. A fast and effective bleaching technique thanks to the formula created with active ingredients that increase the release of oxygen from the oxidant. Lightens up to 7 shades of hair safely. Benefits: Easy and safe system. Protects the hair.

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Bleaching power of more than 9 shades. Recommended for all bleaching techniques. High protection and hydration of the hair. Prevents breakage. With chitin-glucan: moisturizer and moisturizer that protects and improves the softness and strength of the hair. With lipid enhancer, to avoid hair dryness during bleaching.

The Maxiblanc Blonde

Abril et Nature Bleach is a new very fast and powerful bleaching formula. New active ingredients that stimulate the release of oxygen from the oxidant, accelerating the rinsing process. Safe and easy system to lighten up to 7 shades. Characteristics:

With moisturizing oil, incorporated in the powder, which protects the hair during the bleaching process.
With thermal protection.
Protects hair from the heat generated during the bleaching process.
Shine enhancer on bleached hair.
Brighter bleached hair.
Very versatile bleaching, developed for all bleaching techniques, at the convenience of the professional.
The volumes of the Oxydant must be chosen according to the hair to be bleached. Although it reaches its maximum clearing power with Oxydant 40 vol, it is also activated effectively at lower volumes.
How to use:

In a non-metallic container, place the necessary dose in the following proportion: one part of MAXIBLANC bleaching powder with two parts of abril et nature Oxydant. Stir until you get a homogeneous cream. Apply the mixture on the hair.
For fine hair or light tones, mix with abril et nature Oxydant 20 vol; for thick hair or dark tones, mix with abril et nature Oxydant 30 vol.
Exposure time from 20 to 35 minutes.
Do not exceed the recommended times.
Rinse with lukewarm water and wash hair.

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