Abril et Nature - SPLENDOR ESSENCE

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A blend of plant stem cells culture extract with natural oils from argan, damascus rose, green tea, black tea and wheat germ, which provides anti-oxidant and anti-aging action.

Esplendor Essence

supplementary treatment to Cell Innove, Age reset and Gold Lifting treatments

oil extract from argan and damascus rose to provides an extra shine and a silky touch to hair

anti-oxidant and anti-aging action by means of green tea, black tea and wheat germ oils

makes the colour of dyed hair brighter, without greasing.


Vegetable natural oils of argan, damascus rose, green tea, black tea and wheatgerm.They give the line a hair natural antioxidant and antiaging action. Among these oils, we must highlight the argan one, because of its contribution to the hair natural shine.

Finish product with shine, based on the regenerating and shiny action of the essential oils common to the line.
It gives shine from inside the splendour to distressed hair, and makes the colour of dyed hair brighter without making it greasy.It provides a silky touch.

Apply massaging hair, and dry as you wish. Do not rinse.

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