Abril et Nature - SUBLIME SHAMPOO

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The main ingredient in Hyaluronic Line is Hyaluronic acid, complemented with, argan oil, shea butter, and caviar extract.

It results are a real luxury treatments, with maximum effectiveness and which give the hair a beauty never seen before.

hyaluronic line

With Hyaluronic acid: powerful moisturizing agent

With Argan oil: in order to provide softness and shine

Caviar extract: anti-oxidant effect by means of its content in omega 3.

Shea butter and plant extracts

bain shampoo sublime

Treatment shampoo with a high content of moisturizing and emollient oils, which are placed on hair surface when the shampoo is applied and rinsed-off. High content in hyaluronic acid with moisturising and rejuvenating effect. With emollient oils which prepare the hair fibre to receive the active ingredients in the next products of the treatment.

Moisturises hair and prepare it for the treatmentNormalises the original hair flexibility and elasticityNatural extracts and plant proteins that rejuvenates the hair fibre from the insideStrengthens hair keratin chain.

Method of use:
First of Sublime Treatment. Wash with a hair a small amount, applying it with a gentle massage. Leave it to act and rinse.

Wash hair with Bain Shampoo Sublime abril et nature, as usual. Leave it to act for some minutesand rinse. Apply the intensive mask Instant Mask Sublime abril et nature. Slightly massage over hair for a best result and rinse-off. Apply the leave-on concentrate Cuticular Sublime abril et nature: apply on wet hair. Slightly massage from roots to ends. DO NOT RINSE. Dry as you wish. For a shiny finishing touch, complete by applying Spray Sublime abril et nature for a result of lightness and brightness, or the concentrate Splendor Essence from Stem Cells line abril et nature for a natural anti-ageing effect

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