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Designed for all types of hair.

In any case in which a protection against a thermal damage is wished.

Product for use in regular styling with curling irons, flattening irons, curling brushes, “brushing”, hairdryer…

thermal treatment
product for regular use in thermal technical treatments

with hydrolysed keratin which takes advantage of heat to penetrate more inside the hair fibre

with hydrolysed silk and hydrolysed wheat protein to further soften the hair

Special shapes with heat protection. Developed to help give shape to your hair while protecting against any external assault from heat sources (tongs, curling irons, dryers, etc.) Not only protects hair fibers, but also restructures them. Strengthens curls and protects color.

Since this is a treatment, we've included hydrolyzed proteins from silk, wheat, keratin and B-5 provitamins, which provide essential nutrition to hair and reduce the damaging effects of any heat treatment.

Towel-dry hair and apply protector before using curling iron. For dryers, apply to wet hair and dry as usual.

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Abril et Nature - SPLENDOR ESSENCE

Abril et Nature - SPLENDOR ESSENCE

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