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Abril of Nature – Nature Plex+ Retail Shampoo + Mask Bundle

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Nature-Plex Treatment from abril et nature is the first treatment designed to prepare, protect and repair your hair from aggressive technical work.

nature-plex treatment

nourishes, repairs and moisturizes hair damaged by chemical engineering work

regeneration of disulfide bridges broken by external aggression

with powerful assets such as stem cells, hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, etc.

Bain Shampoo

Shampoo preparer of the complete treatment Nature-Plex. Start the treatment by providing the hair fiber with moisturizing and repairing assets that provide greater strength and resistance to hair.
With anti-frizz properties.

Bain Shampoo Nature-Plex incorporates stem cell culture extract from the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple, providing protection against oxidation and hair aging.With hyaluronic acid to regain lost hydration, while strengthening the hair fiber.Wheat protein hydrolyzate, which brings shine and softness to hair.Keratin repairing the cortex and cuticle, providing repair on all layers of hair.With anti-frizz assets

Wash your hair regularly by applying a small amount to your hair. Rinse abundantly. In the case of going to apply the Mousse Nature-Plex, make two consecutive washes before the Mousse.

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