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Aro Pur Spa Ambiance 12oz Bundle. Shampoo + Conditioner

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Resurfacing Cleanser For Hair & Scalp

Containing Extracts of Seaweed, Algae & Sea Kelp with a hint of Essential Oils

A soft and gentle shampoo that soothes and cleans in one step. Chondrus Chrispus Flakes, crushed seaweed granules help to re-mineralize the hair to improve combing, sheen and softness. This combined with Sea Kelp and Algae extracts help hair retain moisture. 10 amino acids work to strengthen and condition the hair.

Revitalizes Hair & Scalp


With the help of Seaweed Extracts, Sea Kelp, Algae and Essential Oils

A double conditioner that adds strength and shine to the hair. The addition of Lavender & Orange Oils leaves the hair with a clean scent while the cuticle is strengthened to restore the elasticity and shine. Paraben Free.

• Seaweed – stimulates and revitalizes

• Algae – strengthens strands

• Sea Kelp – conditioning agent


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