JKS International Color Package #6

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Color Package #6


- 474 tubes of Italian Cream Color
- 3 liters of each Italian Cream Developer
Tone on Tone Activator, 10 Volume, 15 Volume, 20 Volume, 30 Volume and 40 Volume
- One JKS Cream Color Fiber Chart
- One Box 17.1 oz. JKS Bleaching Powder
- One JKS Bleaching Oil/Buffer Zone
- One JKS Color Remover
- 3 Color Bowls & Brushes
- One JKS Paper color technical manual book
- One JKS color technical DVD
- One JKS Product Catalog & DVD
- One product knowledge DVD
- Two JKS paper cream color charts
- One PH Balancer 8 oz. back bar
- One in Salon Training (First time purchasers only, 3 Online Education DVDs, hour and half skype Color education w/ video quiz follow up and certification)

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