JKS International Liquid HD Shades & Toners Large Intro Kit

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Large Liquid hd Package

(save 41% / $88.43) The package includes pre-packed one of each (26) 60ml bottles of 3N, 4N, 5N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 8N, 9N, 1BN, 4NB, 6NB, 7NB, 6GN, 8GN, 3NW, 5NW, 7NW, 3G, 5G, 7G, 5CC, 3R, 6R, 3V, 7V, 5RV, 7P, 250ml CLEAR, 1000ml/Liter Processing Lotion, 250ml Applicator Bottle, full size Color Apron, Color Fiber Chart with metal rings and 2 Application JKS ALL hd PLEX bond treatment kit.

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