Sutra Infrared Straightening Brush 3.0

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IR Straightening Brush 3.0 has over sixty heated tourmaline-infused rose gold titanium bristles and ninety ionic infused grip bristles with ultimate precision.  This allows effortless, damage-free smoothing, and straightening. 

5 LED Temperature Settings Up to 450°F
Temperature settings for every hair type! Whether your hair is thick or fine, you’ll find the right temperature setting for your hair with this brush. Included temperature settings are; 280°F, 320°F, 360°F, 400°F, and 450°F. With the correct temperature every time, you can say goodbye to heat damage!

Rose Gold Titanium Heated Bristles
Titanium bristles deliver the fastest heat transfer to your hair, leading to faster and more efficient straightening. Titanium bristles are the most advanced on the market and are beloved by hair professionals around the world. Rather than clamping down and suffocating your hair like with a flat iron plate, this 2-in-1 tool allows for superior straightening with the ease of a brush.
Ionic Infused Grip Bristles
3x faster-straightening results with our patented grip bristles. The ionic infused grip bristles secure your hair in place while brushing, ensuring the most effective straightening with each pass. With minimal brushing required, this tool ensures minimal damage to your hair.

Lightweight Ergonomic Design
This tool was designed with an emphasis on user functionality. Say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable hair tools, as this straightening brush is easy to hold and use for all users.

Safe for All Hair Types
A hair tool for everyone! Great for professional and at-home use for every type of hair, whether your hair is thick and coarse or thin and light.

60-minute Automatic Shut-Off
Sutra places the highest priority on customer safety, and this product is no exception.  Whether you’re in a rush or simply forgot to turn off your straightening brush, we have included an automatic 60-minute shut-off feature to prevent any mishaps or accidents.

9 ft. Professional 360° Swivel Cord
You asked and we listened. This tool has an extra-long 360° swivel cord, which means sitting on the floor next to your electrical outlet is a thing of the past!

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