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Dear Barber Fibre Tin Deal

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Fibre provides a strong, long lasting hold to support hairstyles from the modest to the most extreme. The mega-elastic fibre technology shapes and sculpts the hair whilst providing a soft, smooth appearance.

Containing natural and specially formulated lubricants this unique Fibre provides dual benefits by moisturising follicles and giving hair a strong adhesive hold.


All hair types, extreme styles, long-lasting hold.


Dear Barber Fibre provides our strongest available hold strength. The mega-elastic fibre technology contains VP/VA Copolymer which creates a thin moisture barrier that will help keep even the most hard to achieve styles in place all day.


Rub a small amount in your palms and spread evenly through dry hair. Layer as desired for an intense definition and hold.

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Dear Barber Mattifier

Dear Barber Mattifier

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