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Dear Barber Pomade

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The Mattifier's unique formulation separates hair into distinguishable yet malleable textured styles providing a matte, flexible hold throughout the day.

Ideal for all hair types, the Mattifier offers immediate 'grab' whilst giving hairstyles a thicker, fuller look.

Containing Kaolin (a white clay rich in silica), the Mattifier detoxifies hair follicles and nourishes from the inside out.


Texture, increased volume, strong hold.


Dear Barber Mattifier creates separation with a matte finish. The sophisticated combination of ingredients includes beeswax and carnuba wax that provides a strong yet flexible hold. It provides immediate grab and lends the appearance of thicker hair.


Rub a small amount in your palms and spread evenly through dry hair. Layer as desired for a great hold with a matte finish.


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Dear Barber With Confidence cologne

Dear Barber With Confidence cologne

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