Revlon UniqOne Dry Shampoo

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A dry shampoo with 10 benefits for spectacular hair in a flash. It cleans and re-energizes the hair, while adding volume and texture.

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10 real benefits in only 1 product:
1. Cleanses without water.
2. Refreshes & revives.
3. Absorbs excess oils.
4. Helps to preserve color*.
5. Provides hair with a fresh scent.
6. Minimal residue.
7. Extends the life of your hairstyle.
8. Easy to use: spray, brush & go.
9. Adds volume.
10. Natural finish.

Spray 10-15 cm from dry roots.

Allow to dry, then brush out or disperse with your fingers.

TIP: For hair that is shiny and smooth to the touch, apply UniqONE Hair Treatment to the ends.

Spray some product onto your palm.
Rub it between your hands and apply to mid-lengths to ends.
Apply your usual finish product.
FRAGRANCE: Formulated with a fresh, modern fragrance, Uniq ONE Dry Shampoo will leave your hair lightly scented

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Revlon UniqOne Shampoo

Revlon UniqOne Shampoo

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