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Dennis Bernard 4Bond Molecular Bonding System

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No Formulation Changes Necessary.

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• No Lengthy Processing Times
• Works From The Inside Out
• Works With Or Without A Heat Source
• Aids In Resistant Gray Coverage
• Preserves Hair Color Longer
• Deep Conditions

PrePak System includes both the Molecular Bonding Complex & Leave-In Fortifying Treatment

Keratin is what gives our hair shaft the elasticity and resistance to external damage. Results of repeated chemical services can leave hair without keratin. Our new 4Bond technology links these broken bonds and mends hair cuticles from the inside out making your hair stronger and more beautiful than ever! 4Bond achieves truer, richer & deeper color retention and deposit, while infusing & rebuilding the hair strands with Keratin Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein & Baobab Protein.

4Bond features four key ingredients infused into a uniquely crafted, easy to use system. It works with not only the newest advanced polymer, but infuses three additional ingredients within the hair shaft to ensure the shiniest, healthiest head of hair possible inside & out during all chemical & color services. 4Bond has been formulated with new protein technology & a never before seen molecular bonding polymer, unlike most brands that utilize a single polymer that only helps rebuild the surface of the hair shaft working primarily with deposition color.

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4Bond Lifter With Molecular Bonding Additives Quinoa Moisturizes & smooth cuticle

Dennis Bernard 4Bond 9 Premium Lifter

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