Sutra - Infra Red Curling Iron

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New Sutra Beauty IR2 Infrared Curling Iron Rose Gold
The Sutra Beauty Beauty Ionic Infrared Curling Iron features adjustable temperature, infrared heat and MCH technology to minimize heat exposure to hair, create beautiful, long-lasting curls and saves time with its instant heat feature. Infrared technology heats hair from the inside out, sparing the outer layers of hair from damage due to excessive heat. Hair is heated gently and quickly, saving you time and reducing damage to hair. Rapid MCH technology provides instant heat-up and heat recovery. Create long lasting curls with the high temperature and even heating of this curling iron as it glides through hair, leaving it smooth, silky and healthy. Our Ionic Infrared Curling Iron is perfect for beauty professionals, who want tools that work well and look impressive. With its 32mm/1.25" rose gold titanium barrel and rubberized cool tip for safety, this is the ideal tool to create shiny, lasting curls with features like dual voltage and five adjustable heat settings. Professional Tip: Create a high pony-tail and curl a few pieces for a quick, on-the-go curly look.

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Infrared Output
Rose Gold Titanium Barrel
Rubberized Cool Tip
Extra Long Barrel
Five Adjustable Heat Settings

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