Sutra - Infra Red Dryer

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Sutra Professional

Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer

Sutra Beauty Professional Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer’s unique infrared generator and ionic technology heat hair from the inside out, avoiding damage to the outer layers of the hair and reducing drying time by half. Ionic technology produces negative ions to combat the static, dryness and frizz created by positive ions in the air. Our technology seals moisture inside the hair, creating a barrier to chemicals and bacteria, and promoting healthy, strong hair. Can be used with or without the infrared option for even more styling control.

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Rid yourself of dry, damaged hair with the Sutra Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer that helps to improve hair health. Hair stylists around the world are embracing the cutting edge technology that distinguishes Sutra Beauty’s hair styling tools because they love the results.

Professional Tip: Create volume at the hair roots with the infrared (IR) feature off. Use the IR feature to smooth the ends of your hair.


1875W Ionic Motor

Dual Voltage (110/240V)

Infrared Generator

Two Speed Setting with Cool Shot

Negative Ion Technology

Safe For All Hair Types
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Product description
Product Description
With Sutra’s Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer, infrared heat coats the hair strand deep inside the hair cuticle, heating from the inside of the hair shaft out, while protecting the outer layer of hair. This is in direct contrast to the outdated technology of regular blow dryers. Your hair is heated evenly and gently in half the time, reducing heat exposure and damage. Dryness and frizz comes from the positive ions in the hair. Sutra’s Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer releases a large amount of negative ions, neutralizing the positive ions and reducing the amount of frizz and static. The ionic heat from Sutra’s Ionic Infrared Blow Dryer dissipates the water molecules in your hair, breaking them down into smaller droplets that absorb into the hair. Moisture is then locked within the hair cuticles, providing a protective barrier and reducing chemical and bacteria build-up. Our ionic technology balances the properties of each strand of hair, sealing and smoothing the cuticles, and turning your dull, dry hair into smooth, shiny, beautiful locks.

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