Sutra - Infra Red Flat Iron

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Smooth your locks with this SUTRA IR2 flat iron. The negative ionic technology helps eliminate frizz and flyaway, and the infrared heating system straightens your hair quickly and efficiently to reduce damage. Rely on the stay-cool tip to protect your fingers during the styling process. Hair straightening should be made from the root to the ends. Hold a small lock of hair and place it between the plates. Close the plates and maintaining some tension; gently slide them from the roots to the ends.

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infrared heat and MCH technology make the Sutra Beauty IR2 Ionic Infrared Flat Iron the fastest way to get smooth, shiny, beautiful hair, saving time and minimizing heat damage. It virtually eliminates the dryness and frizz that come from positive ions in the hair by generating negative ions that lock the moisture inside each hair shaft, smoothing and sealing the hair's cuticle for healthy hair that's beautifully styled. Our signature extended edges allow for more flexibility in styling, and the cool tip is an important safety feature.
Infrared heat heats hair from the inside out, minimizing damage to the outer layers of the hair and drying in half the time of conventional heat sources, which further reduces damage. MCH technology saves time and energy by providing instant heat-up and heat recovery. The IR2 Infrared Flat Iron allows you to style hair with a single pass! Professional stylists and beauty enthusiasts love the ease of use and smooth, silky, shiny hair that results.
Professional Tip: Use this flat iron at approximately 50% less heat than the temperature setting you usually use. Due to the ionic generator, the IR2 Infrared Flat Iron gives you faster results without using unnecessary heat.

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