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Tri Hair Care 10oz Color Protect & Moisture Duo. Shampoo + Conditioner

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TRIDESIGN Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector is a unique reparative, daily-use shampoo that is scientifically formulated to repair hair and maintain hair color at the microscopic level, ensuring longer lasting more vibrant color. As it cleanses, this sulfate-free formula is non-abrasive to hair and hair color allowing the Sunflower Extract, combined with powerful antioxidants vitamins C and E, to protect hair color from the sun's UV rays, eliminating a major contributor in hair color fade. Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector contains patent-pending Seek and Repair technology that delivers an extra potent boost of targeted natural ingredients right where they're needed most to prevent the dryness and breakage that can occur when hair is chemically stressed. Key ingredients bond in place, balancing inconsistencies in the hair restoring it to optimum health. Made in the U.S.A.

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Moisturizing Conditioner

Moisturizing Conditioner with TNC (Topical Nutrition Complex) is a rich blend of hydrolized wheat protein, Kiwi extract and other botanicals, and is recommended for any hair that needs moisture. Moisturizing Conditioner effortlessly detangles dry, unruly hair and works instantly to restore moisture balance and lost proteins resulting from chemical services and thermal styling tools. A natural sunscreen is also included to inhibit UV damage and hair color fading. Hydrolyzed wheat protein penetrates to the inner layers of the hair, where it is drawn to damaged areas in and along the hair shaft to provide strength and permanent conditioning. Rich in botanicals and essential fatty acids, this formulation revitalizes brittle, limp hair and adds reflective shine, body, and flexibility to all hair types with dramatic results on color treated, sun damaged, or chemically treated hair. It has a pleasantly light fragrance that won't linger in the hair afterward so there is no conflict with your designer fragrance. When used with Moisturizing Shampoo it becomes an ideal hair care system. Made in the U.S.A.

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