Tri Hair Care - Professional Clarifying Shampoo

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Clarifying shampoo is an excellent purifying shampoo for use on every hair type to remove product buildup and other impurities. Professional stylists use Clarifying Shampoo to prepare the hair for hair color and other salon services to ensure the best results possible. Gentle cleansers and chelating agents remove product buildup and environmental pollutants, such as mineral deposits from hard water and chlorine from swimming pools in addition to other pollutants such as trace metals from motor vehicle emissions.

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Professional Clarifying Shampoo does all this while leaving the natural protective layer of the hair intact. It's generally assumed that a purifying shampoo has to be harsh in order to remove product build-up and other impurities, but the way chelating agents in Professional Clarifying Shampoo work is to surround these impurities and gently float them off the surface of the hair, this action allows it to be color safe and gentle enough for daily use, or whenever your hair needs deep cleansing. Made in the U.S.A.

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