Bodyography Vivid Bright Palette

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Take your makeup from zero to 100 instantly with our Vivid Bright Palette! This all-in-one eyeshadow palette features 12 unique, amplified shades made from our incredible Bodyography formula. Each shade has a buttery, pigmented finish that will turn up the bright for any makeup look. The shades range from subtle to sultry/smoky to electric, and are packed with easily-blendable rich color and a velvety texture. Inspired by the bright lights of cities like Hong Kong, Las Vegas and New York, this versatile shade collection has just the right amount of sparkle for you!


Can be used wet or dry
Long-wearing, easily-blendable pigments
Matte, duo-chrome, & metallic finishes
Vegan and Free of Talc, Gluten, & Parabens


Palette Includes 12 Shades:
Golden – Matte Tan Brown
Spotlight – Metallic Light Gold
Luminous – Metallic Soft Pink
Attitude – Metallic Bright Fuchsia
Burnished – Matte Coral
Beam – Metallic Chartreuse Green
Bold – Matte Teal
Lazer – Duo-Chrome Blue/Green
Splash – Matte Aquamarine
Lustrous – Metallic Navy Blue
Brilliant – Matte Orchid Fuchsia
Graphite – Metallic Bronze Brown

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Bodyography Small Liner

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