3 Purple Toning Hacks

Blonde hair is timeless, and mastering the art of toning is essential for every skilled stylist. Whether you're dealing with light natural levels, lifting dark bases, or achieving that perfect bright blonde, here's a guide to elevate your toning game and provide the best results for your clients.


1. Toning Light Natural Levels

For clients with lighter natural levels, skipping toner might be the key. Consider using a platinum blonde color-boosting treatment with pastel violet hues. After lightening, towel-dry the hair and apply the treatment, ensuring even distribution. This not only tones but also hydrates, giving your clients that super bright, lifted blonde look.

Pro Tip: If your client prefers a softer grow-out but wants to skip the toner, opt for a small root tap using a gloss.

2. Pre-Tone Process for Dark Bases

When dealing with dark bases, a two-step pre-tone process is crucial to neutralize unwanted warmth. After lightening, use a platinum blonde toning shampoo to cancel out warmth. Follow up with a platinum blonde color-boosting treatment to add moisture and seal the cuticle. Before styling, use a platinum toning mist for a cool-toned boost, adding both moisture and heat protection.

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Styling Pro Tip: Enhance the look with styling powder for volume at the roots and dry shampoo on the mids and ends for added volume and longevity between washes.

3. Bright Blonde Toner Formula

When formulating a blonde toner, start with a clean, even canvas. Lift the hair with an on-scalp lightener application, using clean sections and re-mixing lightener for maximum lift. Consider a wet balayage technique to bleach-bathe the ends and remove toner buildup, creating a beautiful clean canvas. Finish by applying a toner formula and processing it for the desired result.

Bright Blonde Formulas:

  • Formula A (lightener): [Lightener details]
  • Formula B (toner): [Toner details]

Blonde toning is an art that requires precision and the right products. Elevate your skills by incorporating these pro tips and formulas into your salon routine. Your clients will appreciate the expertise, and you'll achieve stunning results every time. Stay on top of the latest techniques and products to keep your styling game strong. Happy toning!