Color Hacks for a Successful 2023

Hack #1: Blend high-contrast color blocks with feathered tips.
Color blocking was massively trendy in 2022, and there’s no reason it won’t be just as popular with clients in the New Year. Next time a client comes in asking for a two-tone paint job, keep a high-contrast look.  The secret: Fine lines and calculated placement.

Hack #2: Plastic highlights.
Get that perfect blend for your blonde clients with this XL wrap technique. Just what you need to get the job done on fine to medium-haired clients. How? The thinness of the wrap allows you to place lightener as close to the root as possible.


Hack  #3: Get the dimensional copper clients will request this year.
Start highlighting using a Blonding Powder Lightener with 10-volume developer.
Then, apply your preferred Permanent Cream Color 8C and 7GC with 20-volume developer. Follow with a steam treatment using a Hydrating Mask.

Tip #5: PSA for blondies: Ash tones always appear darker.

Are your blonde clients always complaining their hair looks too dark? Sometimes, clients say they want “ashy” or “icy” when what they really want is a nice bright blonde:

Try not to add too much ash to your gloss. Add some kind of gold to your formula. Gold does not necessarily equal brassiness; It actually can give blondes some much needed brightness and shine! Double check your client’s blonding goals during consultation.


Source Behind the Chair