Curl Care Hacks! Tips and Trick to Keep Curls Healthy


Curls are super trendy this days, here we have a list of usefull tips and tricks to keep your curl clients happy, healthy and most importantly, loyal.

Dull, lifeless locks ?

Avoiding brittle curls is a year-long routine, but hot summer months can turn bouncy volume to dull and flat really fast! A hair shine mask  is recommended to alleviate this kind of situation Always ask a client what they think their hair needs before suggesting a treatment. Not only is it the perfect time to get them thinking about retail, but it also builds trust between stylist and client.

Hair isn’t strong enough for a color service...

Many stylist face this issue when trying to add hair color to curls. Prep and protect hair before and after with this treatment:

Uneven lift, spotty toners and nonexistent shine are all results of a color application on damaged hair. To keep curls healthy before and after a color service apply a repair shampoo treatment.

Use a Shampoo that hydrates super dry hair, but also brings their hair back to life by repairing and protecting against future breakage.

Dry, crispy ends

Summer months typically change a clients shampoo schedule, this leads to split ends. Regular trims are essential for keeping hair healthy and growing. A quick trim and hydrating treatment together can help a lot! 

Nourishing thirsty stands and keeping hair soft and supple with Masks is key!

Try these helpful tricks on yor daily curly clients routine and you will see the results. 



Source: Behind the Chair.