Curl Survival Guide. Preserving Curls Overnight

As a stylist, you're well aware that curly hair can be a bit tricky to manage, even while you're catching up on the beauty sleep. Just like clients, you might have experienced the frustration of seeing perfectly styled curls go flat overnight. Those carefully crafted curls turning into lifeless strands by morning can leave you scratching the head. But don't worry, we've got you covered with some expert advice.

  1. Prioritize Time and Preparation

Before you dive into any nighttime hair care routine, remember that preparation is key. Just like you allocate time for clients, you need to do the same for curls. First and foremost, make sure you have time for the hair routine, and don't forget to remove any clips, tight bands, or pins from the hair before you get started.

  1. Embrace the Pineapple for Longer Locks

If you're lucky enough to have long, luscious curls, the pineapple bun or ponytail is the best friend when it comes to bedtime styling. This technique gets its name from the fruit itself – the head should look like the base of a pineapple, with hair resembling the green stems on top. It's the secret to keeping curls looking voluminous overnight.

But if the hair isn't quite long enough for the pineapple style or it's just not the cup of tea, bonnets can be a fantastic alternative. Sleeping with a loose silk or satin bonnet is ideal, and it works well for all curl patterns. Look for a bonnet with a long and loose back to comfortably accommodate curls.

  1. Choose Silk or Satin Pillowcases

The type of pillowcase you sleep on can make a significant difference, especially if you tend to toss and turn during the night. Opt for satin pillowcases; they offer a carefree way to sleep while retaining the smoothness of curls. Plus, they're perfect for those nights when you might experience a bit of sweating.

Satin or silk pillowcases are crucial if you're prone to tossing and turning in sleep. Cotton pillowcases create friction on curls, leading to unwanted frizz and split ends. So, go with satin or silk; they're much kinder to the hair. Additionally, satin pillowcases are usually more budget-friendly compared to silk ones.

  1. Preserve with Twists or Braids

For those with longer hair, preserving curls overnight is essential. Sleeping in loose twists or braids can be a game-changer, especially if you're looking to extend the time between wash days. Choose a style that aligns with the natural curl pattern, and remember not to braid or twist too tightly to avoid weakening the curl pattern overnight.

  1. Nourish with a Lightweight Oil

Adding a bit of product to the hair before bedtime can make a significant difference. Consider applying a light oil to the ends of the hair after you've taken down the styled hair and removed any barrettes or pins. This extra step can help keep curls hydrated and healthy, ensuring they look their best when you wake up.

Advise customers to incorporate these strategies into their nighttime routine, and they will love you for it!