3 Hair Color Trends Dominating the Industry in 2024 so far!

Here is a quick list of the current hair color techniques dominating the industry so far into 2024. Stay in the loop by adding these ideas to your repertoire of techniques.

Pure Gold:

Levels and root smudges will range (obviously), the premise of this color is depositing the purest gold possible—without yellow reflect. If your client can achieve this look through a (healthy) raw lift, seal the color with clear toner. If you need to formulate, focus away from neutralizers or copper undertones.


Baby Pink

Bold color trends that aren’t typically stocked in the backbar are almost always from the influence of celebrity or Instagram culture. No one has a grip on influence like Kylie Jenner, who is quite possibly the culprit of the pink surge as she entered back into her “King Kylie” era with a baby pink midlength look.


Backlit Golden Brown

Clients want natural—this is not news anymore, but natural means MORE than a gloss every six weeks. To create this “glow from within” backlit look, you’ll need to think about building color—because the goal is to not have any signs of blonde.

Sometimes, simple looks require more artistry that is hidden inside internal highlights, contoured lowlights and undertone. The most common mistake for dimensional brunette without blonde is processing to an intense orange and then neutralizing. Hair lifts in Levels, think about each Level in stages of 1. Intense 2. Medium and 3. Pale. Think about the undertone, if you rinse at an Intense Level 7, you’re left with bright orange which will make the hair appear darker and more dull. Wait until that Pale Level 7 instead.