The Famous Cinnamon Copper Balayage

with Cameron Kepford

1. Who is the ideal client candidate for this?

For this client, always strive for a lived-in technique.  A client who is blonded twice a year. A customer whos hair doesn't create a maintenance plan after this.

2. How long does this process generally take and how long does it last?

Schedule all color sessions for 3 hours. This is from consult to capturing the final result. This color service took 2 hours and 30 minutes. She had longevity with this color because I used so much gold. The pigment had a lot to hold on to and kept its vibrancy for months,” says Cameron.

3. What maintenance is required for this look?
Cameron recommended a Color Shampoo & Conditioner to preserve the depth and a Masque in Copper Glow to keep her color looking fresh. “We’re OBSESSED! Due to her at home regimen, in-salon services are not required until the next lightening session,” explains Cameron.

4. What does pricing look like for something like this?
“Each of my color sessions start at $300. I will say that this color was built over time. I had already put in the foundation over the last two sessions. If you add the three together technically it would be $900,” says Cameron.


Source: Behind the Chair.