A Professional Product stylists apply onto hair immediately following a chemical service to provide instant and complete repair & lower pH.

Used in salon by professional stylists after:


Spray on after rinsing out any chemical service. Evenly distribute using comb, brush or fingers through hair. Proceed to styling without rinsing.


In addition to INSTANT repair, FLASHMASK lowers pH results in hair without tangles and with lots of shine.

FLASHMASK has a pH of 4.0

NATURAL elements improve every part of the hair shaft

What people are saying:

-Hair Blow-dries much quicker.
-Less-frizz in humidity.
-Additional shine.
-Hair appears fuller.
-Feels softer.
-Less prone to tangles.
-Product is weightless.
-Natural feeling/no coating.

A NATURAL alternative!

Pricing Comparison:

Just gave my client brand new hair! 

I spray on, style, add a little service fee. My work looks fabulous!