Nature Color Plex Permanent pigments

Cold tones · Warm tones · Neutral tones · Intense tones

NATURE COLOR PLEX, deep, intense and lasting color. 100% COVERAGE. Protects and strengthens hair. Very low ammonia content. High strength coloration with incredible shine. Optimal protection of hair health. With plant stem cell extract. Vibrant, resistant and intense colors. NATURE COLOR PLEX, full of relief, natural coverage. A bright color that keeps it’s shine for up to 8 weeks.

No yellow · No orange · No reds


Avoid yellows and oranges.



Golden natural tones.



Lighter golden neutral tones

than the rest of the bases (beige). 



Very intense tones.

COLD BASES 1 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 1.1

Neutral bases without yellow reflections. These bases by carrying blue and green

pigment will neutralize the oranges and yellows giving us natural results in the hair.

When we apply 8,9,10 tones to the cane, because contains blue, we will give more light

to that cane. The perfect result will be on natural hair without gray.


LUXE BASES 6L · 7L · 8L · 9L · 10L

Bases with more neutral and clear nuances, with less golden and beige reflections.

Special natural hair and with a lot of hair. They can be applied perfectly on gray hair.


INTENSE BASES 5.0N · 6.0N · 7.0N · 8.0N · 9.0N

Very intense bases, maximum coverage power. Having so much pigment darkens a

tone more than the rest.

Special for clients with very oily hair, very rebellious gray hair and hair with extreme roots.

These bases can also be used for barber shop since they avoid yellow highlights.


ASH BROWN 6.91 · 7.91

Moka tones with maximum cane coverage. They can be used as a base. Brown-ash


BEIGE WARM BROWN 6.12N · 7.12N · 9.12N · 10.12N

Hue shades that due to their coverage power can be used as bases with a beige



COLD ASHES 6.1 · 7.1 · 8.1

Shallow ash tones with smoke gray highlights.


NATURAL BASES (Nature Color) 4N · 5N · 6N · 7N · 8N · 9N · 10N

Bases with golden reflections. These bases are the same as those of Nature Color.

They can be applied perfectly on gray hair.


ASHES N 5.1N · 6.1N · 7.1N · 8.1N · 9.1N · 10.1N

Natural ash tones with a grayish blue dot. Neutralize and correct all unwanted

yellowish tones.


IRIDESCENT ASHES 7.18 · 8.18 · 9.18

Cold and intense ash tones to shade orange, yellow or reddish colors. Maximum

neutralization power. Bluish ash nuances. Avant-garde and trendy tones.


IRIDESCENT 7.28 · 8.28 · 9.28 · 10.28

Colors with a lot of shading power due to its lilac and blue composition. Special to

tint reds, oranges and yellows. Correct unwanted colors. Trend and avant-garde colors.


COLD GOLDEN 7.3 · 8.3 · 10.3

Neutral golden tones without yellow reflection, but golden.



Traditional natural golden tones, with golden highlights.


WARM BROWN 8.93 · 9.93 · 10.93

Brown tones with a cold golden spot. They can be used as bases.

100% coverage of difficult gray hair.


VIOLET BROWN 5.97 · 6.97 · 7.97

Cold violet browns. Maximum coverage power.

Application on natural hair and also indicated to darken roots and subsequently make

wicks or balayage. Trend tones they perfectly tint the discolored tones.


COLD INTENSE CHOCOLATES 4.90 · 5.90 · 7.90 · 8.90 · 10.90

Chocolates with violet reflection. They neutralize unwanted tones such as yellows and

oranges leaving cold but natural tones. Special for chocolates that do not tend to golden.

Very suitable color for highlights and balayage with trend contrasts.


INTENSE LILACS 7.70 · 9.70

Direct color on natural bases. Shading of unwanted colors. Maximum neutralization

power (red, orange and yellow).

On discolored bases we will get lilac and violet colors avant-garde and trend, on natural

bases we will get cold tones. They can also be used to tone.


INTENSE VIOLIN 5.7 · 6.7 · 7.75

Intensity of color with maximum pigment and very durable. Mixed with 12.0 or 12.00

will be able to make pastel lilac colors.



More natural colors with maximum coverage and very durable.

6.72N is a cherry color, mix of red with violet.


INTENSE COPPER TONES 7.43 · 8.43 · 9.43

Tones with very intense pigments to give luminosity to those coppery tones. Trend and

avant-garde tones. With predominance of the red pigment. Very flash tones.


NATURE COLOR’S REDS 7.62N · 5.60N · 6.60N

Natural durable reds. Permanent colors for maximum durability. 100% coverage.


RED FLASH 6.6 · 7.6 · 9.6

Reds of maximum intensity. Permanent + semi-permanent pigments to give a touch

of maximum intensity. These colors lose intensity with washes, leaving softer red tones.


IRIDESCENT TONES 7.21 · 8.21 · 9.21 · 10.21 · 11.21

New Colection. Colors to obtain nuances and very pearly tones without yellow

highlights. Ideal for neutralizing yellows.

11.21 and 9.21 colors to shade highlights without unwanted yellows. With little exposure

time will not alter the root.



Trend tone, very creative. Maximum intensity of pigment.

With 12.0 or 12.00 we can create pastel pink or intense colors.



6.34N · 7.34N · 7.43N · 7.44N · 8.44N · 8.04

Natural copper. Tones bearable by their less intense nuances.

Tone 8.04 is ideal for getting wicks with coppery tones.


SAND COLORS 8.22 · 9.22 · 10.22 · 11.22 · 12.22

New collection. Gray hair coverage. Natural highlights. Trend colors.



Lightening with green pigment to neutralize unwanted colors. Neutralizes and perfectly shades light colors without reflection.


Brightening with beige hue. It is used to get light colors without being a super lighter. Perfect coverage.

12.0 Pearl

Super lightening, full color base. Neutral color with a small touch of gray to give a pearly

tone. We can also use it to make pastel colors and gloss baths. With 30gr. of any other color, we will raise one tone.


When we do not want to get nuance in the blondes we will apply 12.00.Special to mix with bleaching cream from abril et nature to get lighter blondes without bleaching.


When we do not want to get nuance in the blondes we will apply 12.00.

Special to mix with bleaching cream from abril et nature to get lighter blondes without bleaching.

SUPER LIGHTNERS 12.1 · 12.1N · 12.11

Cold tones with more pigment than tones 13. Special to neutralize oranges and yellows.1 + 1, 1 + 1.5, 1 + 2 can be used according to the desired hue intensity.

SUPER LIGHTNERS 12.6, 12.7, 12.8

Cold tones that clarify golden tones very well. You can use 1 + 1, 1 + 1.5, 1 + 2 according to the desired hue intensity.

SUPER LIGHTNERS 13.1N · 13.2 · 13.6 · 13.7 · 13.8 · SILVER

Shades with cold shades with less pigment than 12. But with good shading. You can use 1 + 1, 1 + 1.5, 1 + 2 according to the desired hue intensity.