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Abril et Nature - Nature Hair Color Plex - Cold Super-Lighteners

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NatureColor Plex by abril et nature offers you a Hair Color Chart with a color range of 123 shades, which are PPD-free.

The hair dyes contain permanent pigment precursors that deposit the color into the hair cortex developing final shade and providing thereby excellent long-lasting color results.

Can be applied for any hair coloring technique and trend creation ensuring no allergic reactions (in 99%).

There are available four different types of pigments for various hair color bases that ensure full coverage, long-lasting, vibrant and durable hair colors.

Delivers a wide range of cool tones that allow you to create the latest trends in hair coloring.

Thanks to its composition rich in active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, plex and plant stem cells), you get shiny, hydrated and soft-looking hair like you've never seen before!

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