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Abril et Nature - Blonde Maxiblanc Bleaching Powder

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ABRIL et NATURE Hair Maxiblanc Blonde - Bleaching powder.

New assets that stimulate the release of oxygen from the oxidizer accelerate the rinsing process, a safe and simple system to facilitate up to 7 tones

  • With moisturizing oil included in the powder that protects the hair during the bleaching process.
  • With thermal protection.
  • Protects hair from heat generated during bleaching.

Very universal discoloration, developed for all bleaching methods.

The amount of oxidant should be selected depending on the bleached hair. Although it reaches its maximum power with the Oxydant 40 vol hawk, it is also effective at lower volumes.

Application : In a non-metallic container, set aside the required dose with the following proportion: one part MAXIBLANC whitening powder with two parts Nature oxidant. Stir until a smooth cream is obtained. Apply the mixture to your hair. For fine hair or light colors, mix with Nature Oxydant 20 vol; for thick hair or dark tones, mix with Nature Oxydant 30 vol. Exposure time from 20 to 35 minutes. Do not exceed the recommended time. Rinse with warm water and wash your hair.

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