ColorDesign Permanent Hair Color Mattes

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Technical Data


The following information is meant to serve as a guide only for the mixing of our products. ColorDesign is not responsible if a Colorist chooses to add something from outside of our product line such as bond multipliers, color accelerators or the addition of heat and/or a lack of appropriate temperature.

If the desired color is the same level or darker than the client’s natural level, use ColorDesign Tone-on-Tone color. If the desired color is lighter that the client’s natural color, or the client has more than 50% grey and maximum coverage is desired, use ColorDesign permanent hair color. For maximum lightening in one step, ColorDesign super-lighteners are recommended. For more than four levels of lift, ColorDesign SHINY BLOND or a Powder Lightener should be used.

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  • For opaque results mix 50cc of color with 50cc of the appropriate developer (1:1 ratio).
  • For translucent results mix 50cc of color with 75cc of the appropriate developer (1:1.5 ratio)
  • Process between 35-45 minutes


  • Mix 50cc of color with 75cc of either 7 or 13 Volume Developer (1:1.5 ratio)
  • Use 7 Volume Developer for maximum deposit
  • Use 13 Volume Developer for extra vibrancy


  • Mix 50cc with 125cc of 40 Volume Developer (1-2.5 ratio)
  • Process for 45 minutes


  • Mix 30ml with 45ml of the desired developer (mixing ratio 1:1.5)
  • Process for 30 minutes at room temperature


  • 2 levels of lift with 10 volume developer
  • 3 levels of lift with 20 volume developer
  • 4 levels of lift with 30 volume developer
  • 5 levels of lift with 40 volume developer


  • Mix 1 scoop to 45cc of appropriate developer
  • Process for up to 60 minutes depending on results desired and the integrity of the hair


  • Permanent Color: Process for 35 minutes (up to 40 for resistant grey)
  • Super Lighteners: Process for 45 minutes
  • Shiny Blond: Process 15 minutes with heat, 30 minutes at room temperature
  • Powder Lighteners: Process until desired level has been achieved


Choose your developer based on your desired level of lift.

  • 10 volume = 1 level
  • 20 volume = 2 levels (optimal grey coverage)
  • 30 volume = 3 levels
  • 40 volume = 4 levels (optimal lightening when mixed with super lighteners)

For more than four levels of lift use ColorDesign Shiny Blond or Ammonia-Free Powder Lighteners


For optimal grey coverage we recommend the following suggestions to be mixed with 20 Volume Developer:

  • 0-50% Use straight target shade (ie. 7.4)
  • 50%-100% Use 1/2 neutral shade and 1/2 target shade (ie. 1/2 of 7 and 1/2 of 7.4)
  • For more opaque result, mix 50cc of color with 50cc of appropriate developer (1:1 ratio).
  • For more translucent results, mix 50cc of color with 75cc of appropriate developer (1:1.5 ratio)


  • 7 is blonde. The absence of a decimal point followed by additional tones indicates a natural tone (100% natural)
  • 7.4 is a copper blonde. The number before the decimal point is the level (blonde) and the number after the decimal is the tone (copper) (50%Natural, 50% copper)
  • 7.46 is a copper auburn blonde. Level 7 (blonde) with a primary tone of copper and a secondary tone of auburn (50% Natural, 30% copper, 20% Auburn)
  • 7.03 is a natural tone. The level is 7 (blonde) and the (0) after the decimal represents additional natural (80% natural, 20% gold)
  • 7.33 is an intense tone. The level 7 (blonde) and there is a double tone of gold giving an intense dye load, in this case, golden blonde (75% gold, 25% natural)
  • 7.666 is an extra intense tone with a triple tone of auburn (90% auburn, 10% natural)

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