ELC Dao of Hair - Olove Styling Straightening Dew

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ELC Dao of Hair Pure Olove Squared Styling Mist 250 ml / 8.4 oz - Bodyifying - Moisturizing - Control - Shine

What it is:
Pure Olove® Styling Straightening Dew locks out humidity and lock in straight styling memory with superior shine. Styling Straightening Dew can be cocktailed with your favorite Pure Olove® Leave in treatments or Moisturizing Serum. Apply a small amount to clean damp hair, style as usual.

What it does:
Pure Olove® Styling Straightening Dew is enriched with natural vitamin E and B, Olive Oil, Green Tea and Kiwi. This potent complex seals color, creates brilliant shine and acts as an anti-aging complex while locking out humidity.

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