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Dennis Bernard 4Bond Building Shampoo

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4Bond is a rich, thick, creamy color hold paraben free bond building shampoo. Using 4Bond Shampoo & Conditioner (pH 4.5) AFTER color/chemical services will rebuild hair bonds and fortify highly damaged, dry & thirsty parts of the hair shaft. 4Bond Shampoo & Conditioner has been developed to maintain the health of previously damaged chemical or color serviced hair. With continued at home use, 4Bond provides luxurious, soft and shiny hair while maintaining and preparing the hair’s health for it’s next color/chemical service.

Sulfate, Paraben & Sodium Chloride Free - developed to maintain the health of the hair bonds previously damaged by a color or chemical service.

Thermal, UVA & UVV Protection - Will protect the hair from the sun after color service to prevent sun damage and color fade.

Rebuilds & Strengthens Hair - Shampooing & Conditioning after a color service will rebuild and Instantaneously strengthen the bonds in the hair.

Preps Hair - Prepares hair for the next chemical service. Leaves luxuriously soft, shiny & healthy hair.


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Smart Solutions 4Bond N' Plex Conditioner

Dennis Bernard 4Bond N' Plex Conditioner

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