ELC Dao of Hair - Bobo Volume Foam

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Extra Volume Foam Mousse: ELC Pure Olove Bobo Volume Foam is specifically designed to add thickness to your fine, thin, thinning, limp or hair that lacks fullness and body. This product is applied to damp and and is blow dried in with a round brush for maximum effect. This is a medium to firm and flexible hold. Finish with hairspray for longest hold.

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Smoothing and Moisturizing: ELC’s rich and luxurious formula makes smoothing and straightening your hair simple and gives you volume at that same time. This ultra moisturizing formulation conditions and hydrates the hair without weighing it down.

Serious Heat Protection: Being a pre blow dry formula this ELC Volume Foam Mousse protects your hair from heat during blow drying as well as assists in repairing the hair cuticle to preventing split ends. Keep your color safe with this thermal protecting formula.

Smooths and Seals Damaged Hair: This pH balanced formula seals the cuticle and creates a barrier against damage and smooths the cuticle to give intense shine and health back to your dry and damaged locks. Every use of this product helps bring back your hair's natural body and luster.

Perfect for all hair types and color safe: ELC PURE OLOVE products are rich in Certified Organic Olive Oil, Natural Botanicals and other beneficial oils, many are from sustainable rain forests. A special blend of these natural ingredients provide remarkable healing and moisture repair on all hair types including fine hair.

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ELC Dao of Hair - NOURISHING Blow Out Cream

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