ELC Dao of Hair - Olove Color Care Shampoo

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Sulphate Free and Sodium Chloride Free: ELC Pure Olove Color Care Shampoo is a sulphate free cleanser that is much more gentle than shampoos with harsh and stripping cleansers. Also, this formula is sodium chloride free which makes it ideal if you have had a Keratin Treatment. If you have had chemical services like relaxers or perms this is the shampoo for you.

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Color Care Formula: No matter what hair type you have or what type of hair color you have a color care shampoo is a must. This ELC formula is specifically created to reduce fading, make color last longer and make your hair healthier with every use. Great for all hair types including multi-textured, damaged and over processed hair types.

Repairing with Natural Botanicals: The Certified Organic Olive Oil with other botanical and natural ingredients repair and heal damaged hair. With color locked deep inside the hair shaft and the exterior of the hair shaft sealed you get the ultimate combination of health and shine. ELC Moisture Shampoo is essential to the long term health and quality of your hair.

Coconut Oil and Silk Amino Acids for Strength: Bring balance and strength to the hair by adding emollient rich coconut oil and silk amino acids found in the ELC Color Care Shampoo. Rebuild, soften and protect your all at the same time with this versatile and gentle cleanser.

Quality Ingredients and Environmentally Safe: Our products are specifically designed to heal and protect hair and scalp. We use the finest natural botanicals and oils available to restore and maintain your hairs youthful beauty. We thoughtfully develop high quality products while maintaining standards that are gentle to our environment. Our respect for nature is clear, from how we create our products to our environmentally friendly packaging.

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