ELC Dao of Hair - Olove Volumizing Blow Out Cream

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the elc pure olove volumizing blow out cream is designed to be weightless and add bouncy volume to hair while healing and moisturizing at the same time. this is a pre-blow dry product that you apply to damp hair and blow dry in with a brush for maximum results also delivers high heat and color protection.

the elc line uses the highest quality ingredients to promote hair and scalp health including certified organic olive oil. this concentrated formula protects your color and blocks humidity effects. ideal for fine thin to medium hair, any texture. this product can be used every day and is water soluble.

key ingredients:

organic olive oil


silk amino acid

shea butter

green tea extract

rosemary leaf extract

pure olove products are rich in certified organic olive oil, natural botanicals and other beneficial oils, many are sustainably sourced from rainforests. a special blend of these natural ingredients provide remarkable healing and moisture repair on all hair types including fine hair. we have created many products with a unique blend of olive extract and d-panthenol that creates fullness without ever drying out the hair, in fact fine hair will be hydrated, healthy, shiny and full bodied!

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ELC Dao of Hair Olove Volume Shampoo

ELC Dao of Hair - Olove Volume Shampoo

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