ELC Dao of Hair - RD Hair Shine Spray

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Adds Shines and Luster: Shine is the number one factor people associate with hair health. Add a little bit or a lot of shine to your hair with the simple and effective ELC RD Shine Serum. This lightweight and luxurious formula gives hair bounce, luster and protects all while adding unmatched shine to your hair.

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Smooths and Conditions All Hair Types: Use a little bit of this ultra rich and high potency shine serum to tame and control any hair types. Apply to damp hair and blow dry in for added softness and control. Apply to dry hair to moisturizer and lay down those annoying fly away hairs from all hair types.

Seals and Blocks Humidity: Hair need moisture on the inside but humidity is a big issue if you are trying to keep your look, smooth, defined and not frizzy. ELC RD Shine Serum blocks moisture from getting to your style after it has dried giving your curls the best look possible all day long even in high humidity environments.

Silk Proteins and Amino Acids: Silk Proteins target and repair damage done to the hair by color, bleach, high lights or any other chemical service. Silk Amino Acids lock in and seal in essential moisture and create shine and luster with ELC’s rich and luxurious serum formula.

Quality Ingredients and Environmentally Safe: Our products are specifically designed to heal and protect hair and scalp. We use the finest natural botanicals and oils available to restore and maintain your hairs youthful beauty. We thoughtfully develop high quality products while maintaining standards that are gentle to our environment. Our respect for nature is clear, from how we create our products to our environmentally friendly packaging.

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ELC Dao of Hair - Pomade Style Gloss

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