JKS All Hd Plex Amazing Conditioner

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Stressed, dry, dull-looking hair?

The problem is the inevitable fiber damage due to chemical treatments, heated styling tools and hair age.

To stop and reverse this deterioration process, JKS International has developed All Hair defender Plex, an innovative system to restore the natural hair structure DURING CHEMICAL TREATMENTS!

JKS All hd Plex is based on a new technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber, for extraordinary and immediately visible results!

JKS All hd Plex is free of Sulfate, Paraben, DEA, Ml.

A New Molecular Technology

JKS All hd Plex is based on a new and exclusive molecular technology composed of blend of active molecules. The core of this innovative technology is a molecule characterized by Amino groups placed at the edges of the Polymer chain. This peculiarity allows the Polymer chain to assume a "horseshoe" shape and this allows it to bind tightly to the hair. Moreover, the chemical/physical characteristics of the active ingredients selected (no water solubility, high molecular weight, high affinity to hair), allow the complex to settle on the hair and not be eliminated with the first shampoo. This is why JKS All hd Plex is so effective.

An Extraordinary Complex

A rich blend of high performing and innovative actives, act in combination with precious oils and emollients creating a real innovation in professional haircare.

Main benefits:

-maximum protection for scalp and hair during chemical treatments

-color protection

-thermal protection -hair damage prevention

-it significantly reduces hair breakage

-it restores the hair's natural structure thanks to effective emollients

-it seals the cuticle. Hair is stronger, shiny and flexible.

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