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New Aropur Arolift Plex Try Me 100g Bag

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AROLIFT PLEX BLUE Lightening Powder

• Sugar Bond Plex

• Dust Free

• Argan Oil Infused

• 9 Level Lift

Elevate your hair coloring experience to new heights with AroLift Plex, the pinnacle of innovation in hair lightening technology brought to you by AroPur Hair Care. This exquisite blue powder lightener bleach, meticulously crafted in Italy, is a must-have for discerning hair stylists seeking unparalleled performance and results.

AroLift Plex effortlessly lifts hair up to an impressive 9 levels, unveiling breathtakingly vibrant hues with every application. Its ultra-creamy texture ensures smooth and seamless blending, allowing for precise and even distribution, even on the most intricate of techniques. Formulated with the finest ingredients, AroLift Plex is enriched with Polyamino Sugar Condensate, a breakthrough compound that safeguards the integrity of the hair's structure during the lightening process. Organic argan oil infuses each strand with nourishing hydration, leaving hair luminous and lustrous, with a silky-smooth finish. With a mixing ratio of 1:2, AroLift Plex offers supreme versatility, allowing for customizable formulations to suit individual client needs. Whether you're aiming for subtle highlights or dramatic transformations, rest assured that AroLift Plex delivers impeccable results every time. Elevate your artistry and unlock limitless creative possibilities with AroLift Plex by AroPur Hair Care. Experience the difference of Italian craftsmanship and indulge your clients with fabulous hair.


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