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Quicktan - Tanning Lotion

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Medium and Dark. Gradual Self Tanner

  • GRADUAL SUNLESS TANNING FOR A YEAR-ROUND GLOW: Get brilliantly beautifully buildable bronzed glow at any time of year! Body Drench Quick Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion is the perfect antidote to pale, sun-starved skin. Suitable for use on the body, this weightless formulation glides on whenever it’s desired, smoothing conditioning and hydrating the skin while building up and bestowing a natural-looking sun-kissed radiance. Start achieving that golden goddess status day by day!
  • NOURISHES SKIN WHILE BUILDING A BRONZE: Like a Mediterranean holiday in a bottle, Body Drench Gradual Tanning Lotion in Medium grants your skin moisturization while leaving a flawless golden finish that’ll make you want to reach for it all year round! Its glow-giving formula is infused with a blend of skin-loving ingredients that hydrate, soothe and protect the skin, plus DHA that helps get you a flawless bronzed look even when the beach is miles (or months) away! Win-win.
  • MESS-FREE, BUILDABLE SELF-TANNER: Dreaming of that out of office glow? Body Drench Gradual Tanning Lotion in Medium will gradually transform you into a bronze bombshell when you apply it daily until you reach your desired level of tan. Beautifully buildable, its formula is streak- and transfer-free and develops into a natural “Did I just step off a plane from Spain?” look in just 3-5 hours after application. For a deeper tan, use daily and then 1-2 times a week to maintain.
  • QUICK ABSORBING, EASY TO APPLY DAILY LOTION: Getting a headstart on a natural-looking summer glow can be as easy as smoothing on a daily body moisturizer! Here’s Body Drench Gradual Tanning Lotion that has made body faux tanning incredibly simple. Simply smooth on evenly allowing several minutes to dry before dressing. Steering well clear of tell-tale “orangey” territory, this gradual tanner will give you all of that envious beautiful glow with none of the streaks, odor, or mess!
  • MADE IN USA, 100 % CRUELTY-FREE SUNLESS TANNER: Picky when it comes to your faux pas glow application? Body Drench Quick Tan Gradual Tanning/Bronzing Lotion - Medium is right for you! It is paraben-free and dermatologist-recommended, making it perfect for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin! Proudly made in the USA, vegan-friendly, and 100% cruelty-free too, so you can step into your favorite faux glow with confidence!

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