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Smart Solutions FHS - Flexible Hold Spray

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Flexible Holding Spray’s (FHS) professional working
formula allows for creative designs while holding
hairstyles all day. FHS allows the stylist and the client to
choose whether they want a soft hold or a firm hold by
simply layering on the fine mist aerosol spray. The spray
is workable in its first application. As it is reapplied, the
hold becomes firmer. Flexible Holding Spray balances
moisture levels preventing flyaways, frizz and static. Its
unique blend of Plant Extracts protects and extends color


  • Water free to dry faster & keep hair weightless
  • Flexible hold from workable styling to firming hold
  • Doesn’t flake or build up
  • Crystal clear spray for maximum shine
  • Will not stick to curling or flat irons
  • Brushable & easy to wash out
  • Light fragrance that disappears
  • Prevents flyaways, frizz & static


Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein not only strengthens the hair, it
improves the quality of the hair by increasing its ability to
retain moisture & reducing porosity allowing greater
manageability and smoothness.


Hold FHS 8 to 12 inches from hair, spray in fluid strokes.
For extra hold, reapply.

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