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Sutra BD2 IR Blow Dryer

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The BD2 Infrared Blow Dryer is the professional stylists choice for achieving long-lasting, high-performance blowouts that are hydrated, revitalized, and full of shine. It features an ultra-powerful, 1875-watt brushless motor, a honeycomb ceramic coil, adjustable heat and speed settings, and far infrared heat technology that deliver a truly premium blow-drying experience.

The ultimate tool for flawless finishes every time. Safe for all hair types.ULTRA-POWERFUL 1875-WATT MOTORA unique brushless motor design packs a powerful punch while producing minimal noise.HONEYCOMB CERMAIC COILDistributes heat evenly and efficiently to help cut down drying and styling time.ADJUSTABLE HEAT SPEED SETTINGSThree heat settings and two speed settings allow for perfect styling for all hair types.COOL SHOT FEATUREA cool shot feature allows you to seal the cuticle for long-lasting results


  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Supercharged Blow Drying
  • Lightweight & Ergononic Design
  • Far Infrared Technology
  • 1875W Brushless Motor
  • Two Concentrator Nozzles Included
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