Tri Hair Care - Aero Body Infusion

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The individual who most needs body in their hair could never use body building products... Everything was too heavy for fine and ultra-fine hair, until now! AERO BODY INFUSION goes on while the hair is still damp. You simply mist the product over the hair from about 12 inches away. As you begin to blow dry, the volume of hair doubles, but you can't find the product in the hair. AERO BODY INFUSION came about from research for smaller and smaller resins to hold hair in place, similar to the resins used to add body to hair. The breakthrough occurred when we found a way to apply these resins to wet hair in an aerosol format. The aerosol application allows for the lightest layer of body enhancers imaginable.

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Tri Hair Care  Aerogel

Tri Hair Care - Aerogel

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