Tri Hair Care - Professional Fashion Styling Mousse

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A lightweight styling and finishing foam that adds weightless control and flexible support, to all types of hair. People who need extra body as well as those who have full thick hair will love it because it creates volume, adds shine, and fullness. It allows complete control of your hair without the stickiness or dulling effects of a traditional mousse. To ensure quality, Professional Fashion Styling Mousse was developed only after consulting with professional stylists to find out what they thought early mousse styling aids were doing right and more importantly, what they were doing wrong. We then formulated an easy application Professional Styling Mousse. We created a foam that will hold up until it is applied to the hair instead of dripping through your fingers. We discovered a way to keep mousse from drying the hair by using a much lower alcohol content than other styling mousse, yet it still dries very quickly. The amount of resins used is reduced so it will not flake or dull the hair. To complete this formulation we added a light non-lingering fragrance and a sunscreen to protect the hair from harmful UV rays that can cause hair color to fade. Made in the U.S.A.

10 OZ.

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